Compassion in Web Design

Compassion is an emotion that most people wouldn’t think of when it comes to web design.  However, I believe that compassion is one of the missing qualities in many web designers today.  Compassion can give you understanding and opportunities that you would other wise miss out on.

If you have a client that is compassionate about the subject your being asked to make a website of, then being able to relate with that client could really help you take that website to the next level instead of just delivering an average product.

Being compassionate to clients can bring unforeseen opportunities as well.  Consider doing some free sites for non-profit groups sometimes, or giving certain clients price breaks.  These acts of compassion can bring more paying clients later on down the road.  Not only are you being compassionate, you are also networking and getting your name out in the world.  Perhaps you just created an awesome site that looks good in your portfolio.

In the web design field you are always thinking about technology, coding, design and other things most people don’t deal with on a daily basis.  Compassion is one of those things that lets your clients and colleagues know that your still a human and not just another coding/designing machine, so keep that in mind when choosing to work in this field. If you can remember that, then you have a much better chance at succeeding in this field.


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