Goal Setting

Goal setting is one of the most important aspects of any type of job.  When you relate it to web design and development I think that it plays an even bigger role. To me there are different types of goal setting.  You have long term goals and short term goals.

Short Term Goals

You should think of short term goal setting as bite sized pieces, tasks that can be accomplished in a short period time.  What am I going to finish today, what will move the project forward?

For instance if you were working on a full website for a client, you may want to make the following short term goals.

  • Home Page Mockup
  • Sub Page Mockup
  • Blog Page Mockup
  • Home Page Content Creation
  • Sub Page Content Creation
  • Coding the home page
  • Coding the sub page
  • Coding the blog page
  • Styling the home page
  • Styling the sub page
  • Styling the blog page

You get the idea, do it one piece at a time so that you don’t become overwhelmed.  If you ever get stuck you can always move on to the next bite sized piece and then come back.

Long Term Goals

Long term goal setting is a completely different mindset.  Your long term goal would be the overall goal.  What do you hope to accomplish with your project, what do you need to provide as an end result to your client?

So maybe your long term goal would be to deliver a website to a client on time and with in budget.  That seems like a pretty daunting task when you look at it that way.  That’s why you always want to set short term goals that are contained within the long term one

There is no reason to freak out if you can break up your tasks and set small goals to accomplish the larger one.


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