Girl choosing Candy

Web Design & Development is almost entirely about choices.  Choices about clients, choices about coding, choices about design, choices, choices, choices.  Did I mention that we are talking about choices here?  Let’s break some of this down a little farther.

Client Choices

You as a web designer or developer may have the ability to choose your clients.  What type of clients do you want to work with?  There are small businesses, non-profits, large corporate businesses, bloggers, photographers, the choices here are endless.  Are you going to acommidate  all of these, or are you going to focus your work on one certain area where you can specialize in what you do?  If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to make these decisions you will probably want to work for someone where these decisions are made for you.

Coding Choices

When it comes to coding a website or a web application you have to determine the best way to accomplish that task.  What CMS are you going to use, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla?  What type of code are you going to use, PHP, Ruby, Python?  Many times the type of code you end up using depends on whether or not your client is already using a certain system.  Is that system outdated, would something work better, how do you tell that client?  Did the designer give you something that can’t be coded, or is time consuming to code?  What options can you go back to them with that will still fit their design?

Design Choices

Many times when designing for the web a client will already have an idea about what they want, but sometimes they will throw up their hands and let you make that decision for them.  What color would work best here, where should the navigation go, what type of navigation should it be ( a list, dropdowns, etc.).  As a web designer you also need to be aware of the choices of your client’s end user.  What browsers are they using, what screen resolutions are they viewing the website in, is javascript enabled?


As you can see when it comes to Web Design and Development their are many choices that come up from before a project even starts to when it finishes, and the ones I noted here are just a few of them.  What choices have you had to make when working on a website?


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