Excellence Dude!

bill and ted large

So what’s so excellent about excellence.

When you talk about excellence as it relates to the web industry, I think it’s pretty obvious to spot someone not producing excellence.  Everyday you can go to all sorts of websites and see that someone has settled for less than excellence.  Whether you are a designer, developer, or customer you have a choice when it comes to making or having websites made.


If your a designer push your abilities to the limit.  Try something new that is eye catching, or maybe learn what goes into coding some of your crazy designs.  By learning a bit about coding maybe you can make your developer friends job a bit easier the next go around.  If you see a cool new design on a site you went to see if you can replicate it.


If you do development and coding take the extra time to learn a bit about the design of websites.  You may be used to coding all day, but knowing a bit about design goes a long way to improving your work.  Maybe you could learn some new coding techniques like HTML5 or CSS3.  Doing so could improve the time it takes to build the website, as well as save your customer on bandwidth.


If your a customer searching for a company to work on a website for you please listen to what the web professionals have to say.  There are some developers and coders out there trying to make  a quick buck, but I guarantee you will get what you pay for.  Excellence costs money, but in the end excellence is what you will get.  Look over multiple portfolio’s before choosing a web company to work with, and you will see if this is a person or company you want to work with.

Excellence is obvious.

When you strive for excellence you will never be disappointed with the end result.  If you always do just enough to get by you will find out quickly that others are always a step ahead of you and that you may be looking for a new profession or someone else to redo your website.


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