Wokplace Ethics


-plural noun

a system of moral principles: the ethics of a culture.

Now that we’re clear on a simple definition of what ethics are we can have a more in detail discussion.


Ethics are morals, so workplace ethics would be your personal morals as they relate to your work field, and also may include the morals of your employer.  In my experience there are just some people out there who apparently have no workplace ethics.  In just about any field of work you will find a number of people that either don’t have workplace ethics or think they can get away with less than ideal ethics.  Let’s go through a small list of bad workplace ethics that I have been privy to.

  • Doing side work while on the clock.
  • Hosting your own websites on company property.
  • Playing games while on the clock.
  • Pilfering supplies.
  • Cheating the time clock.
  • Using bad language when speaking with employees or clients.

This is a small list of things that I have witnessed or been told about personally in my short work life of 10 years thus far.  In the design world you may find other employees who are willing to work on side projects while on the clock.  If you see this happening and your certain the boss doesn’t approve of it, notify them.  If that person is actually done with their work, they should be asking what else they can do for the company rather than wasting the companies time.

DON’T host your own websites on the companies servers.  Especially don’t host sites of the pornographic nature.  Trust me your employer won’t appreciate it, and you will be out of a job.  I feel that this one is pretty straight forward.

Playing games while on the clock is also a no no believe it or not.  Whether it’s solitaire, minesweeper, or even World of Warcraft, work is not an appropriate place to play games unless your in the video game field and your job requires it or your boss asked you to do it for some odd reason.

Pilfering aka stealing supplies is just plain bad.  If you were to put together all of the supplies that some people took from my previous employers I would bet you can find out where some of everyone’s raises went for any given year.  Sure buying supplies for one person doesn’t seem expensive, but when you add that up for 100 employees its a lot.  Don’t steal at work or in your personal life.  It’s bad the bible says so.

I’m sure you’ve heard about people cheating the time clock on your local news if you have not known someone personally.  As a tax payer I don’t like hearing about a police man or a public official doing it so why should you.  Your basically stealing money when you do this, not very ethical at all.

Would you kiss your mom with that mouth?  Don’t curse while at work, it’s not professional and it shows your lack of vocabulary to describe certain situations.  I can honestly say I have slipped up here when complaining to other employees, but in no way what so ever should you talk this way with a client or customer.  I like the idea of not using any language that you wouldn’t use when standing next to your grandma.

Well I hope that clears workplace ethics up.  I’m sure I could put another dozen things in this post, but it would be too long to read and it’s not necessary to get my point across.


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