RESPECT – I know what it means to me!

Respect is a something you earn, and is not something to be given lightly.  When it comes to web design and development it is my belief that you need to earn the respect of clients and other people you are working with.  Without their respect your job can become increasingly difficult.

If you tell a client or another coder a certain way something needs to be done, and that turns out to be wrong you can lose respect with that person.  For example, if you were to tell a client that you didn’t think that it was necessary to do some simple things to help secure their website from SQL injection and then that exact scenario played out.  They would not only lose respect for you and your work, but you would also have a trust issue at that point. They may decide to go somewhere else, or you may have a lot of explaining to do.

Either way it would have been better to do things right the first time by putting in the extra time making their website secure.  Doing your job to the best of your ability is the easiest way to earn respect.


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